We provide riding lessons for young or old as long as you are over 4 years of age (and under 14 stone!).
Our riding instructors offer the highest standards and are approved by The British Horse Society and The Association of British Riding Schools.

For early starters, we have Tots group lessons for 4 to 6 year olds. We require an adult to be present to lead the pony. The riding instructor teaches the group on the basics. The principle aim is to get the children comfortable around ponies and to foster an interest in horse riding.

For adults, and children of 7 years, we start with half-hour beginner riding lessons on a one-to-one basis with an instructor.  Most adults and children are ready to join a one-hour group lesson after completing approximately eight beginner’s lessons.

Group lessons are sorted by age and ability.

Our horses and ponies are well trained and we don’t put you on one that is too big for you. You will ride different horses as this helps you learn faster.
Snowball has its own riding grades which riders work towards. As you learn and pass each grade you will receive a certificate and can also buy a Snowball badge with different colours for each grade.

Full full details of lessons and prices please download here

We welcome prospective students to come and have a look around and see the horses and facilities we have on offer. Just come to the office when you arrive and we will arrange for a member of staff to show you around.

To start off you will need leggings or something without a seam so that your legs are not rubbed – beware, jeans can rub badly. Footwear should have a small heel. Most trainers and some Wellington boots have a flat sole and are therefore not suitable. We insist that all riders wear current British safety standard riding hats. We can hire you a hat if required. For your first visit and for the Tots group, hat hire is free. If your hair is longer than shoulder length, you should make sure it is tied back securely.

Our office opening hours are 9.00am to 5.30pm, Tuesday to Sunday. We’re closed on Mondays.
Visit us at: Dorney Wood Road, Burnham, Buckinghamshire, SL1 8EH.
Call us on: 01628 666222

Phone: 01628 666222
Dorney Wood Road, Burnham, Buckinghamshire, SL1 8EH
Dorney Wood Road, Burnham, Buckinghamshire, SL1 8EH